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Why does my Liability Worksheet say 'No registration information provided' and what effect will that have on my filing?


Across from given Regions in the Liability Worksheet within the Admin Console, there is a filing type listed as 'No registration information provided'. Why is that listed on the line and what does it mean for the filings?


Avalara Returns


  • The Filing Type 'No registration information provided' occurs when Avalara does not have a filing calendar listed for the jurisdiction or tax type you are collecting for the jurisdiction.
  • Filings will not be submitted until an updated filing calendar is provided.
    • If you do not have a filing calendar setup, you can add one by following by following the steps listed in Use the Avalara Returns Filing Calendar
    • If you do have the right filing calendar setup, you may want to review your tax type selections in your Nexus settings as you are collecting a tax type that is not remitted on the tax return.
      • If it is set to Sales tax, you will calculate sales tax on all transactions for that state no matter where the product or services originate from.
      • If it is set to Sales or Sellers use tax and the origin address is within the same state as the destination, you will calculate Sales tax.
      • If it is set to Sales or Sellers use tax and the origin address is outside of the state the destination is in, you will calculate Sellers tax.
    • The message only displays if you have transactions for that jurisdiction for that month.

Note: Before any changes are made, please confirm with the jurisdiction's Department of Revenue what tax type you should be collecting and what form you should be remitting those taxes on.