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Why are transactions missing from the Liability Worksheet and Reports?


You can't find a particular transaction on your liability worksheet or on any reports.




There are 3 primary reasons why transactions don't show up on the liability worksheet or reports, but there's a record of it on the Transaction tab:

  • Transactions added within the last 30 minutes may not show in reports:
    • Newly completed transactions take about thirty minutes to show in reports.
    • The liability worksheet can be manually rebuilt to add recently added transactions by selecting Tax Returns > Please select jurisdiction for rebuilding (make jurisdiction selection) > Rebuild Worksheet.
  • Uncommitted/Voided transactions don't show in reports or the liability worksheet. Learn how to adjust transactions.
  • Nexus hasn't been activated. Learn how to add nexus jurisdictions.
    • If nexus isn't selected in the state, the liability worksheet only shows the transaction at the state-level only, but not on any local returns (if there are local returns in the state).
Note:  Changes in the Admin Console don't communicate back to the ERP. Committing a transaction is generally equivalent to posting in most systems; however, committing in the Admin Console won't change the status in the ERP.
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