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Can I unlock my liability worksheet?


You have prematurely approved your liability worksheet but realized that adjustments still need to be made and would like to unlock some or all of the states.



Avalara Returns



  • Before submitting an unlock request, determine if one is needed:
    • Do we file the requested state(s)?
      • If we are not filing the requested state(s), then your transactions will remain unlocked and editable.
    • What frequency is set for the requested state(s)?
      • If you have a multi-month frequency (Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual), changes can be made prior to the end of the filing period.
      • The exception to this would be in states where monthly prepayments are filed, such as CA.
    • Is this for the current period?
      • Periods that have been filed already by Avalara cannot be unlocked. 
    • Is it after the deadline to approve?
      • If it is after 5PM PST on the 10th and you would still like to unlock the liability worksheet, this will require an extension request.
      • There is a fee associated with this request.
        • The fee varies and will be communicated by our Reconciliations team once the request is reviewed, prior to execution.
  • Contact Support to request an unlock service for some or all states prior to the 10th.
    • Please include the list of states, or say all states, you would like unlocked.
  • The liability worksheet will re-lock at 5PM PST on the 10th, even if the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend

Next Steps

If an extension is needed, please review How can I get an extension to keep my liability worksheet unlocked to submit a request.

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