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Why is a customer that should be exempt being charged tax in Intacct?


When reviewing an invoice for a customer it shows taxable in Avalara and Non-Taxable in Intacct
  • The invoice was taxable when it was posted to Avalara, then updated to be nontaxable in Intacct
    • Intacct does not post or update invoices for customers that are marks as Non-taxable, so the update was not sent to Avalara
  • Make the customer exempt in the Avalara admin console using Organization > Exemptions: 
    • Create an exemption for the customer code by clicking New or using Avalara CertCapture
  • Make the customer taxable in Intacct
  • Update the invoice
    • Avalara will not apply tax because of the client exemption in the admin console
    • Intacct will send the transaction to Avalara because it is no longer marked non-taxable in Intacct