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What are the suffix definitions for the Avalara Rate Files?


I need to know the definitions for the rate file abbreviations. 


Avalara Rate Files


  • The following are definitions for the suffixes that can appear in the RateChanges.xls each month for ISPI rate customers.

​All rate files get these

  • SP = Special Purpose
  • SL = Local Special Purpose (used when we run out of SP code availability)
  • TR = Transit
  • TL = Local Transit (used when we run out of TR code availability)
  • CID = Community Improvement District
  • EDD Economic Development District
  • CD = Community District
  • TCED = Tourism Community Enhancement District
  • TDD = Transportation Development District
  • MDD = Municipal Development District
  • ESD = Emergency Services Districtz

These codes exist mainly in AL and are only delivered in special ordered rate files.


  • UN = AL Unincorporated Police Jury
  • UP = AL Unincorporated Police Jury Production Machinery
  • PM = AL Production Machinery / Used to also be in NC expired rate type





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