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How do I recalculate transactions to trigger a different tax type?


You were collecting a tax type for the jurisdiction that is not handled on the form that is being filed - and you will have to recalculate all affected transactions.


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Avalara Returns


To rectify this, the following steps may be required:

  1. Edit your nexus settings to update to matching tax type supported by the form that is being filed
  2. Recalculate all existing transactions afterwards

*Note: Simply changing the nexus settings to the correct tax type does not automatically recalculate existing transactions.

(if you skip this step - a zero return will be filed)


If you have multiple transactions you need to recalculate - you may do so in the admin console by following the instructions listed here:

  • Go to Reports > Standard Sales Tax Reports > Export Reports > Document Lines
    • Pull the report for the period (and region) you need to adjust
    • Generate
  • Download the import template: Go to Tools > Import Data > choose Transactions > click Download
  • Copy the data from the Document Lines report and paste it in the correct column in the Transaction Import template and save it
    • Headers between the export file and the import file do not always match

  • Go to Tools > Import Data > choose Transactions > click Import

Afterward, an amended return may be required. If you would like Avalara Returns to file an amended return or file late for a fee, follow these instructions exactly to Amend and File Late.

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