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How do I create an Annual filing calendar when the return is not filed on the normal Jan - December schedule?


You want to know how to create an an annual filing calendar for a state that requires a Fiscal Annual frequency or non-standard filing dates.




  • Enter your filing calendar in AvaTax.
    • Go to Tax Returns > Filing Calendars
    • For the Filing Frequency, select Annual and the earliest start day you can, usually Jan - December
  • Add a note at the bottom of the calendar stating that the return is Fiscal Annual or list the filing period
    • For example, Fiscal Annual would be July of the current year through June of the next year (July 2017 - June 2018)
  • Send a case to or contact Avalara Support
    • Include the Account Number, Company Code, and Filing Calendar Name


Note: Importing all transactions from prior months is REQUIRED for them to be included in the annual return.

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