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How Do I Expire a Filing Calendar?


You want to know how to expire an active filing calendar.


Avalara Returns


  • We recommend that you expire the filing calendar as soon as you know you want us to stop filing 
    • You are only able to choose the final day of the current month (or later) in the online tool, and you cannot request a filing to be canceled once it is approved
    • You can set your filing calendar to expire at the end of any future term, but past terms are not selectable, even if the actual filing has not been completed
    • There is a different process to expire submitted filing calendars.
  • Go to the Filing Calendar > click the pencil icon by the filing you want to edit > click Expire Filing (on the left) > choose the date of the final filing term > Save
    • Pick the date that is the last day of the final filing term we will file, not the last date you want filing processed
      • We file the return that includes the month you set as the end date
      • For example, 12/31/20XX expiration means we file the December return in January
    • If your efile username and password are missing and you cannot expire the calendar without them, please enter the username as your registration ID and the password as 'N/A'
      • Wait for the validation of the credentials to fail, then press the Expire button.
      • Check the Submitted Filing Calendar section to make sure the request was successful
  • Click here to see how to expire a filing click-by-click in the Admin Console (walkthrough).
  • Expiring a filing calendar doesn't effect your nexus settings.

Note: If you would like to expire your calendar at the end of the most recent period but cannot select that date, add a comment in the note field with the date you would like the filing calendar expired and why. Our compliance team watches for these notes and adjusts customer's calendars accordingly. The request must be received before the liability for that filing is approved to file, or prior to the automatic approval (on the 10th) - whichever is earlier.

Next steps

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