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Why is an error occurring when I try to upload PDFs to CertCapture?


You uploaded certificates to CertCapture, but not all images are showing in the stack. You received an email with an error message, "Error uploading stack. PDF is unreadable, empty, or in an invalid format." ​and want to know what it means and how you resolve it.





  • This error indicates that one of the PDF images wasn't of a quality appropriate (or possible) to upload into your account
  • The remaining page (s) that didn't upload, need to be reviewed
  • The simplest way to overcome the issue is to copy the missing PDF image and save it in a new file, then upload it again
    • Using Microsoft Word. you can copy the page image, paste it into a Word document, then save it as a PDF file
    • Using the image printout, you can scan it, saving the scanned image as a PDF