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Why do we receive the error message: Cannot Create a Record in Header AVA Header in Microsoft Dynamics AX?


When attempting to invoice a sales order in AX 2012 R3, we receive the error message "Cannot create a record in Header (AVA_Header). The record already exists."


We also receive the message: "Error executing code: AVA_TaxEngine object not initialized. Stack trace (C)\Classes\AVA_TaxEngine\GetTax - line 441 (C)\Forms\SalesTable\Designs\DesignList\LineTaxTransSource\Methods\Clicked - line 5".


We have reset the AVA_Header number range to 100 and Sales Orders still cannot be invoiced due to this error.


Microsoft Dynamics AX


  • Apply Hotfix AX 6.2.1000.4051.01.08.