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Why do I get a "DocDate is invalid" error message with recurring invoice creation in QuickBooks Online?


You get a "DocDate error" when you click the Estimate Tax button on recurring transactions.


QuickBooks Online


This is expected behavior, per the connector design.

Workaround to get the Estimated Sales tax line on the recurring template :

  1. Create an 'Estimate' type document first.
  2. Add all the details.
  3. Select the Estimate tax button. This will add a Sales Tax line on the transaction.
  4. Select the Make Recurring button on the transaction UI.
  • This will convert it to a recurring template, and it will also have the estimated sales tax line.

The reason the error occurs is when a recurring template is created, it does not have a document date so is not saved as the actual transaction in the records.
When the transaction is saved in QuickBooks Online as per scheduled time, the Avalara backend service does the tax calculation for that transaction.