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Why are vendor bills showing an "Adjusting accrued tax... " error with Avalara Avatax for QuickBooks Desktop?


When we attempt to delete or void a vendor bill we see the following error from Avalara Avatax in QuickBooks:

"Adjusting accrued tax by deleting the journal entry with reference number" 


We do not and have never used Consumer Use tax within the Avalara Avatax integration.

AvaTax does not pop up when saving these bills.


Avalara Avatax



  • There was an issue with saving changes or deleting a vendor bill even if you did not have consumer use tax enabled in the Avalara Avatax configuration of QuickBooks.

  • This was resolved in v81 of the Avalara Avatax connector for QuickBooks.

  • To resolve ensure all machines are on at least version 81 if not the current latest release.

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