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Why am I receiving the error "An Address is Incomplete or Invalid" in AvaTax?


When calculating tax, you receive the error "An Address is incomplete or invalid" 


Avalara AvaTax


  • This error indicates an address being sent to Avalara is partially completed, in a format that cannot be recognized, or does not have enough information to determine tax jurisdictions
    • We require a minimum of State and Postal Code for US and Canadian addresses
      • However a full address (Street address, city, state, and zip code) will return the best tax calculation
    • For international transactions, the two digit ISO country code is required to determine tax jurisdictions
  • This occurs most often with your company address (origin), so we recommend reviewing all company addresses and Location Codes associated with the transaction for complete addresses.
  • Review the customer address and shipping location to confirm they are complete as well
  • Once all addresses are reviewed and corrected, recalculate tax
    • ​Depending on your accounting system you may need to re-select the customer to update the sale with the new address
    • Usually this requires selecting a different customer, then choosing the correct one again to update the transaction


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