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Why am I getting the error "Testing could not be completed due to insufficient or invalid data." in AvaTax?


You are checking your login information using the Integration Self Test ( an error indicating not enough information was entered appears instead of a message indicating the credentials are good or bad, error:

Testing could not be completed due to insufficient or invalid data.

There are no saved transactions on the specified company in the given date range.


Avalara AvaTax


  • This error indicates you are clicking Run Analysis instead of Check Credentials and have entered a login (either an individual username and password or an account number and license key) and also an Account number, but have not selected a company from the drop down menu

    • To use this Run Analysis feature, select a company in the drop down menu CompanyCode > Enter a date in the Start and End fields > Click Run Analysis

      • An analysis of your account setup and test data appear

  • Most customers use this tool to verify their account number and license key are current, to complete that test enter the information as described here: