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Why am I getting a missing taxation item error when I run a Bill run in Zuora?


You are processing a bill run in Zuora but it has been cancelled. When you review the error email it shows "missing a taxation item" but no other information. You want to know how to fix the issue.




  •  This error indicates that one of the line items in an invoice in your bill run does not have "Taxable" in the Taxation section of the product checked. 
  • Go to Reports > Data Sources
  • Compare TaxationItem.csv and InvoiceItem.csv.
    • If an invoice is listed on Invoice Item, but not on Taxation Item, one of the items on the invoice is not flagged as Taxable.
  • Go to the Product Catalog in your Zuora account.
  • Sort the Products by Last Modified Date (it is likely a newly created/edited item causing the issue)
  • Click on an Item Name to see the detail.
  • On the Rate plan section of the item, hover over the price and click Edit.
  • Scroll down to the section labelled "Taxation" and click the Taxable checkbox then Save 
  • Do this for each of the One-Time Charges, Recurring Charges / Period, and Usage Charges / UOM
  • You have successfully updated the Product
  • Once you have confirmed all items have the taxable checkbox selected, attempt your bill run again.