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Why am I getting a Region error Invalid or missing state/province code in AvaTax?


You're attempting to calculate tax on a transaction and receiving an error "Invalid or missing state/province code" and want to know how to resolve it.




  • The State or Province section of the address doesn't contain a State or Province name or abbreviation valid within that country.
  • Review the address and correct the State/Province and Country fields. The state/province listed in the address must match the country.
    For example, you'll receive a Region Error if you attempt to use the state of Alabama in Canada. Even though Alabama is a valid state, it is not in Canada, so the region error occurs.

Next steps

For more information about required fields, read test with basic/advanced tax calculator or import transactions.

For information on editing transactions, see Edit, commit, and void transactions, see Edit, Commit, and Void Transactions.