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Why am I getting a 'NULL' value error when trying to create an exempt customer from NetSuite?


You are trying to create a customer in your Certificate Management Service by clicking the button on the Address tab of the customer record in NetSuite, but you get an error message:


Error saving the Customer. Record Skipped; Error: 'NULL' is not a valid USPS State Code or CA Subnational Postal Abbreviation; Error: 'NULL' is not a valid country code; Error: 'null' is not a valid zip/postal code"



​Avalara CertCapture


  • In NetSuite, open a customer record in edit mode.
    You must be in edit mode to add customers to CertCapture from NetSuite.
  • On the customer record, select the Address tab and add or select the address for which you want to generate the exemption certificate.
  • Select Add Customer to CertCapture.
    A message displays when the customer is added to CertCapture.
  • ​​​​NS_Certcapture_AddCustomer.png