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Why am I getting 'Warning! Ship-to Tax Schedule ID does not match...' in Microsoft Dynamics GP?


We are seeing this message: "Warning! Ship-to Tax Schedule ID does not match with AvaTax Default Tax Schedule ID. Native GP Tax engine will calculate tax."

This is a warning message in our GP product that tells the customer they have not selected an Avatax tax schedule for this document, and our connector will not be calculating tax. Instead, the native GP tax functionality will be used, which may or may not be correct but will result in an avatax calculation not taking place, and the transaction not being recorded in our system.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Scenario 1: You want to use Avatax for this document.
    • Click the blue arrow to the right of the Customer ID in the Sales Transaction Entry screen.
    • Select AVATAX for the Tax Schedule ID and Save.
    • Repeat for all lines
  • Scenario 2: You didn't want to use Avatax to calculate tax
    • Ignore the warning, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.
    • To disable warning: log in as SA > have all other users log out > go to Avatax configuration > uncheck "Display All Warning Messages."


AVATAX was not selected as the Tax Schedule ID