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Why am I getting "TypeError: AVA_ShipToAddress is undefined" in NetSuite?


I am trying to save an order in NetSuite One World and am getting the error "TypeError: AVA_ShipToAddress is undefined".


NetSuite One World


  • This error is caused by the order not recognizing that there is a ship to address.
    • Verify that your customer has a ship to address on the customer record.
    • Verify that there is a ship to address on the order by going to the shipping tab.
      • If the above criteria is met:
        • Change the customer on the order
        • Save
        • Change the customer back to what it was
        • Save
          • Note: If changes were made to a customer record after an order has already been created, the customer will have to be reselected in order for those changes to go into effect.