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What does the error 'The address number is out of range' mean in AvaTax?


I am validating an address and am receiving the error 'The address number is out of range.'


Avalara AvaTax


  • The error means that the house numbered entered is above or below what's in the USPS address database.
    • For example, if you entered 1400 Mockingbird Lane, but the street stops at 1313 Mockingbird, you would receive the error.
    • Tax will still calculate even with the error, it simply means the address won't validate.
  • Confirm the address is accurate using an internet search to verify if it is missing information
    • Check for a directional (NW, SE, East) or a different type of street (Road, Boulevard, etc.) and the format
    • If a good address does not validate it is most likely not yet registered with USPS or Canada Post
  • Use 'General Delivery' in Line 2 to validate using the postal (zip) code to complete address validation immediately, if needed (see Note)
  • If you find an address that validates via USPS but does not validate via AvaTax, please let us know. To ensure the address is added to our database as soon as possible,   and include the following information:
    • Full street address (House number, street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code)
    • Image of location from online map (Google, Bing, MapQuest, etc.) showing the physical location pinpoint
    • General Delivery will no longer be needed once the address is added to our system
  • We will review the provided information and update our database if possible, if it is not possible to update our database we will provide specific next steps