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Unexpected errors during account validation in NetSuite


You are seeing an error message after clicking "Validate" while configuring AvaTax for NetSuite.  It may look like the error below -- 

UNEXPECTED_ERROR (id=is4zw3yx170i1hh7hhb5t)
An unexpected error has occurred. Please click <ahref=”‘/app/crm/support/
(0)”>here</a> to notify support and provide your contact information."


NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite Basic


  • This error is caused by using production AvaTax account credentials in a NetSuite sandbox or vice versa.  Production NetSuite instances can only use production AvaTax account credentials.  NetSuite sandbox instances can only use AvaTax development accounts.  

  • The Service URL must match the account type during validation.

  • This issue is resolved by entering AvaTax account credentials that match the NetSuite account type.