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Multi-jurisdictional Certificate fails with Invalid ExemptReasonId and Region Combination Error in CertCapture


In the History tab of my multi-jurisdictional certificate, I see the error message: 

"API call initiated for certificate: Failure. Received response: Reason Code XX is not exempt in region(s): XX (Invalid ExemptReasonId and region combination)"




This happens when the reason code you've selected is not exempt in the region or regions listed in your multi-jurisdictional certificate

  • This often happens when states that do not have a sales tax are part of your certificate (New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Delaware)
    • Since the above states do not have a sales tax, these regions will always fail as part of a multi-jurisdictional certificate

To resolve this, go back through the validation process, but this time exclude the region(s) causing the API error.