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How do I review and correct script errors received in the Netsuite Basic or OneWorld AvaTax integration?


You have received a script error in Netsuite Basic or Netsuite OneWorld and would like to review the cause of the error


Netsuite Basic

Netsuite OneWorld


  • Review the script error and write down the reference number and/or reference line number from the error
  • Navigate to Documents > Files >File Cabinet
    • Locate “SuiteBundles” on the left
    • Locate Bundle 2471 (If on OneWorld) or Bundle 1894 (If on Basic)
    • Locate AVA_Functions.js and click Download
  • Open the file in Notepad ++ and go to the reference line number from the error
    • This will tell you what the error is referencing
  • Note: Script errors often occur due to customization.
    • Please try using a standard form to see if you receive the error again.  
    • Before editing and changing the AvaTax scripts, please test your transaction or function using the out of the box AvaTax integration or Netsuite forms.
    • If the error only occurs on custom forms or when using customized scripts, Avalara Technical Support will not be able to assist in troubleshooting these issues. You will need to make any corrections to the custom forms or scripts to resolve the error