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How do I resolve the error "the customer is not associated to a country" in CertCapture?


You see the error  "the customer is not associated to a country" on certificate history or the Failed API logistic report:

API call initiated for certificate: Failure. Received response: The certificate customer(CustomerNumber) is not associated to a country.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Single Customer: Go to customer record > click Edit > Choose correct country > click Update
  • Multiple Customers:
    • Run a customer search to pull up all customer records and export it
    • Delete all columns except Customer Number and Customer State
    • Add the word Billing in front of both headers, the file now has only two columns "Billing Customer Number" and "Billing Customer State" then save it
    • Import the file under Customers > Bulk Import


Note: Importing a customer with a state or province adds the correct country (US or Canada) on these records, for customers outside of the US or Canada a manual update of country name is required.