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How do I resolve the error "tax connect is down" in Epicor?


You are trying to calculate tax, but an error "tax connect is down" appears, you want to know how to resolve the error.




Contact Epicor support:

Epicor Technical Support

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The Epicor Tax Connect Support team may be reached by calling the 800 phone line for the applicable ERP product:

  • Epicor 9:  1.888.374.2679
  • Vantage:  1.800.436.8468
  • Vista:  1.800.993.0930
  • Enterprise:  1.800.285.7877


You may also report issues or questions to the Tax Connect support team by creating a Technical Support service call via EPICweb. To do this:

  • Login to EPICweb. Click Support. Click the link for the applicable Epicor ERP product.
  • Click “Submit Support Call” in the Quick Links section of the screen.
  • Populate the Submit Support Call screen with the necessary details. To finish, click the Post Call button.

Note:  For urgent issues that need prompt attention, it is recommended that customers use the 800 numbers to call the applicable Epicor Support Center in preference to submitting a support call using EPICweb or sending an email.


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