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How do I resolve the error "Unable to Find Table" when installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration?


I am receiving the error "Unable to Load Table" when installing the GP Integration for AvaTax.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010+


  • This error message means there was a permission issue when trying to consume the .cnk file when launching GP.
    • Avalara places a file called Avalara.cnk in the GP folder when installing and this file creates our dictionaries once GP is launched for the first time.
    • If you do not have sufficient permissions to the GP folder, this error will be triggered.
    • See steps below to resolve.
      • Open up windows explorer by navigating to the Windows Menu and then clicking "Computer"
      • Navigate to the folder that holds your GP folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\ by default)
      • Identify the correct folder for your GP installation and right click it.
      • Click the security tab.
      • Click the edit button.
      • Select Users (Machine\Users) from the list.
      • Click the box for full control.
      • Click OK to save the permissions you changed.
    • Launch GP again.