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How do I resolve the error "There is an error in XML document" in QuickBooks Desktop?


When trying to run the Reconcile tax tool in QuickBooks Desktop for Avalara AvaTax, it results in the error message:

"There is an error in XML document"


QuickBooks Desktop


  • This error is caused by a corrupted Error List file. 
  • To fix, press F2 in Quickbooks and find the location of your company file
  • Close QuickBooks and make sure all users are out of Quickbooks
    • Pull up the Task Manager
      • Shut down all QB, Quickbooks, Intuit, Ava, AxlBridge processes
  • Pull up a Windows Explorer window
    • Navigate to where the company file is. 
      • Open the Avalara folder. 
      • Drill down into the company with the error.
      • Delete the "Company name"errorlist.xml file
  • Restart Quickbooks, making sure the AvaTax window shows at start up