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How do I resolve the error "An Address is incomplete or invalid." in Microsoft Dynamics GP?


You are completing a sale and your customer's address seems correct, but you are getting an address error and you want to know how to fix it.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • One of the addresses on the transaction, either your company location address, the destination Shipping address on the invoice, or one of the line level Shipping addresses is incorrect:
    • Correct your location and/or warehouse address Site ID:
      • This is the most common place to find a bad address. It is located in the upper right hand corner of Sales Transaction Entry labeled as "Default Site ID"
    • Correct the customer address listed as the Ship To:
      • Click the address hyperlink on the top of the invoice
      • Select a line and click the blue arrow to see the line level address
    • If neither the Site ID or Ship To address are incorrect, check your company address


Note: The address that is incorrect could be the origin or the destination, so we recommend checking all possible addresses on the sale.