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How do I resolve error Unfortunately we cannot process sales tax at this time in Magento?


You are trying to calculate tax on an order in Magento but an error "Unfortunately we cannot process sales tax at this time" is the only response you receive, and no tax is being calculated on any sales due to this error.




  • This error indicates the Magento service is unable to connect to the Avalara service to calculate tax:
    • Login to Magento as an admin and review your sales tax settings to confirm the account information is correct:
      • Go to System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > click Save
        • If "The user or account could not be authenticated." appears the URL, Account Number, License Key, and/or Company Code needs to be corrected > If no error move to next step
    • Confirm that there is no issue with the Magento server that is preventing it from sending requests to Avalara to calculate tax
  • If the account information  is correct and there is no issue with Magento calling to Avalara, submit a case to Avalara Support for further diagnostic assistance.
  • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form: