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How do I resolve 'Taxcode selected is not an AVATAX Taxcode' in NetSuite?


Customer is getting an error message when trying to calculate tax on a sales invoice. The error  message is "This Document has not used AvaTax Services for Tax Calculation. Taxcode selected is not an AVATAX Taxcode.


Netsuite One World


When customer was creating an order, they were using a custom form which did not display the fields "Tax Item" and "Taxable". We switched to the standard form, these fields appeared and were not filled in. Tax Item was checked and Taxable was filled in with "AVATAX", and then the order was saved. When the invoice was created from the order, the error message disappeared and the customer was able to calculate tax.


Custom order form did not have "Tax Item" and "Taxable" visible and were not filled in. This caused the error message.