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How do I resolve 'Merge Error: Re-Process Document' in CertCapture?


In CertCapture, what causes the error below and how can it be fixed:

"Merge Error: Re-Process Document"


Avalara CertCapture


  • A new feature was deployed to CertCapture Data Entry page that relocates failed certificate validations

    • This allows users the chance to try to reprocess the exemption certificate file 

  • This feature also brought up an audit, in which any certificate that failed within the last 90 days would be brought back

    • You can recognize these stacks by looking at their current status.

    • A failed certificate will have the status:  "Merge Error: Re-Process Document" or "Split Error: Reprocess Document" or "Validation Error: Re-Process Document"

  • In order to fix these you need to "reprocess them".

    • Select the stack (make sure  the checkbox is selected)

    • Click "Action" button located at the top left corner.

      • Once clicked you should see a drop-down with only one option available: "Reprocess Document(s)" and click the option

    • If the process works you should see either "Ready For Merge" or "Ready For Validation" next to the certificate in the User Interface