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How do I resolve "TaxService.GetTaxRequest.sexchangeRateEff..." error message in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


When committing an invoice, I get the following error in NAV:

"A call to

Avalara.Ava.Tax.Adapter.TaxService.GetTaxRequest.sexchangeRateEffDate failed with this message: Index and length must refer to a location within the string.

Parameter name: length"


Microsoft Dynamics NAV







  • This error is caused by an outdated rate exchange file in Dynamics NAV.
    • To resolve this error you must update the exchange rates in NAV.
    • Avalara Technical support cannot help with this. If you need assistance, please contact the Dynamics NAV Technical Support line
  • Although there are no requirements for when, or how often, you should enter new exchange rates.
    • Before you can update the exchange rates, you must set up currency codes and currency exchange rates.
  • To Update Exchange Rates in NAV
    • In the Search box, enter Currencies, and then choose the related link.
    • In the Currencies window, select the line with the currency code you want to update
      • On the Actions tab, choose Exch.Rates.
    • In the Currency Exchange Rates window that appears, fill in the fields on the next blank line.
      • For more information about a specific field, select field, and then press F1.
    • Close the windows
    • Run the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job to adjust the exchange rates of posted customer, vendor, and bank account entries.
      • The batch job also updates the additional reporting currency amounts on the general ledger entries.


  • If the steps above do not resolve the issue and you are on NAV 2013 or earlier, please upgrade to NAV 2015 RTM 8.00.37874.08.00 released in April 2016.
    • If you are unable to update, please try implementing the fix below:
    • Analysis
      Found issue in code unit – “14073301 - AVA Tax Engine” – wrong selection of variable in else part of if condition.


      Changes done on function: fnGetTaxHdrV3 of code unit: 14073301 - AVA Tax Engine
      Code difference over fix and original code is as below
      Old Code : IF DATE2DMY(ExDate,2) < 10 THEN sExDateMM := '0'+FORMAT(DATE2DMY(ExDate,2)) ELSE sExDateDD := FORMAT(DATE2DMY(ExDate,2));
      New code : IF DATE2DMY(ExDate,2) < 10 THEN sExDateMM := '0'+FORMAT(DATE2DMY(ExDate,2)) ELSE sExDateMM := FORMAT(DATE2DMY(ExDate,2));