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Why can I not update an exemption record in the Admin Console?


You are attempting to update an ECMS record but there is no option to update the customer record in any way and you want to know why and how to edit the record.


Avalara AvaTax


  • You cannot edit a certificate which is flagged as Applied
    • Click Revoke and Copy to make a new ECMS record or Copy to add an additional one
    • In order to keep an audit trail of what exactly was used when you processed that transaction editing the certificate is not allowed.
  • For Avalara CertCapture users, you must make edits in the Avalara CertCapture system, which then update the certificate in the Admin Console
    • Revoke and Copy is not available once you use our Avalara CertCapture system because the master record, including the image, is maintained there and updates must originate from that system
    • If you have removed the record from Avalara CertCapture, but still see an active record in the Admin Console follow this process to have it removed: