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How can I edit ECMS certificates in the Admin Console once I start using CertCapture?


You have started using Avalara CertCapture service and want to edit the old certificates in the Admin Console.


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Avalara CertCapture


  • We recommend revoking all certificates stored in ECMS (created in the Admin Console) prior to completing Avalara CertCapture setup, because it is not possible to edit them once CertCapture service is enabled in the Admin Console
  • Revoking the records prevents them from being applied to sales. Since you are not able to edit them once CertCapture is enabled, this prevents an issue where a record you cannot edit exempts a sale unexpectedly.
    • If you already have Avalara CertCapture service enabled, but some were not revoked, contact Support to have ECMS records manually revoked (cancelled) in the Admin Console
  • The Avalara CertCapture system is where new certificates are stored, so all edits will be made there for certificates created in CertCapture.