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Can I go back to ECMS certificate management if I already started using CertCapture?


You added CertCapture service recently, and are in process of implementing that service (or recently completed) and you want to know how to disconnect CertCapture from your AvaTax Admin Console.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara CertCapture


  • Typically disconnecting CertCapture from the Admin Console is not needed, please contact Support to discuss the issue so we can help you determine the best resolution

    • The automatic update of Certificates in the Admin Console from CertCapture includes certificates as they exist in CertCapture, if there is an issue with Certificate data simply edit the Certificates in CertCapture and the certificates in the Admin Console will automatically update.

    • Records you created via ECMS prior to using CertCapture cannot be edited once the automatic updates are enabled, to have those records revoked, please contact support