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Why would you use ShipTo and BillTo links in CertCapture?


You see that customers can be marked as a ShipTo or BillTo and they can be linked to other customers as a ShipTo or BillTo customer. You want to know what this feature does and why you would use it.




  • ShipTo and BillTo are attributes assigned to a customer record when a customer is marked as a ship to or bill to when created, or if a customer is linked to another customer in a ShipTo-BillTo relationship
    • This is most often used with multiple customers that need to share the same certificates, but only for certain states.
    • Most common scenario is a corporate headquarters with multiple subsidiaries, the corporate headquarters would provide an exemption covering several states, which should be applied to subsidiaries, and they all have different customer numbers
  • When you link customers by adding them as a ShipTo or BillTo, certificates will flow down from the BillTo to the ShipTo in the state of the ShipTo customer address
    • Every certificate attached to the BillTo customer that is for the state the ShipTo customer is located in will be attached to the ShipTo customer in an Indirect link
  • For example, a ShipTo customer with an address in Colorado will automatically be attached to any certificate in Colorado that is attached to its BillTo customer.

Next steps

For more information, see add customers.





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