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Why is nothing set to be sent in my campaign?


You created a campaign, but none of the requests are set to be sent, even though all the customers have a valid ship to state in your nexus and a valid address.


Avalara CertCapture


  • The Campaign can be sent to customers based on their record type (Bill-To or Ship-To), Exposure Zone (state, country, etc.), Exempt Reason, contact method (email, fax, mail), whether they have a pending request (already in campaign), and their Reason for Exposure (Missing, Expired, Invalid)
  • Requests are sent only to customers who match ALL the settings/selections for the Campaign
  • You must select a valid Exempt Reason which applies to exempt customers, such as Resale or Manufacturer, for the campaign to be sent. "Taxable" is not a valid exempt reason.
  • The customer record must be the same type you have selected to send (once created this is on Overview listed by Based on)
    • Bill To customers are sent requests for Billing Customers
    • Ship To customers are sent requests for Shipping Customers
  • The customer record must have the contact Method chosen for the campaign (once created this is on Round listed under Method)
    • Faxes can only be sent to customers with a fax number
    • Emails can only be sent to customers with an email address
  • You must have nexus enabled for the jurisdiction in which you request the certificate
    • If you do not have nexus enabled for the jurisdiction, you will see the message of 'Not Eligible for Campaign' in the Campaign Overview
    • Have an Admin user go to Company Content > Nexus Settings.
      • Press the Assign nexus button and select any state you would like to send a certificate request to

Note: It is not possible to edit some campaign settings once it has been created. Once a campaign is started, if no requests are possible to send, we recommend deleting the Campaign and starting a new Campaign


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