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Why is my newly uploaded certificate not listed under validate documents in CertCapture?


You uploaded a certificate in CertCapture, you received a successful message indicating the certificate is in the processing queue but the certificate doesn't appear.




There are several reasons the certificate is not shown.

  • The certificate may have been Claimed by Others.
    • Pick Documents Claimed by Others to see documents other team members have claimed.
  • The PDF image was not of a quality appropriate (or possible) to upload into your account.
    • The simplest way to overcome the issue is to copy the missing PDF image and save it in a new file, then upload it again
      • Using Microsoft Word. you can copy the page image, paste it into a Word document, then save it as a PDF file
      • Using the image printout, you can scan it, saving the scanned image as a PDF
      • You may also have the option to "Export as PDF"
      • To do this in CHROME, please see below
    • Open the PDF in Google Chrome
      Press the PRINT ICON in the upper Right
      Click CHANGE under destination
      Choose SAVE AS PDF
      Choose SAVE
      Name the file