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Why is my certificate not working to exempt customer?


You use CertCapture and AvaTax. You're processing a transaction in AvaTax and expect the transaction to be exempt from tax because you have an exemption certificate for the customer in CertCapture. The transaction isn't exempt from tax, and you want to know why and how to fix the issue.




  • More than one thing could cause an exemption certificate from CertCapture not to flow correctly to AvaTax. Try these to resolve the issue:
    • Confirm that the customer number on the invoice matches the customer number on the exemption certificate. If they don't match, update the number where appropriate. Then go to the CertCapture customer record, and click API Resend.
    • Confirm that the exemption certificate in CertCapture is valid. If the certificate is marked invalid, AvaTax won't exempt related transactions from tax. From the customer's CertCapture record, click the Document Info tab.
      • If the certificate is marked invalid, click the Validation tab to review the reason. Edit the certificate as needed, and then on the Validation tab, click Edit to remove the invalid reason, and then click Save. From the customer record, click API Resend to send the updated document to AvaTax.
    • Confirm there are no errors in CertCapture under the History tab.
      • If there are correct the errors and click API Resend.
        • If you do not know what an error means search for it in the Avalara Help Center.
      •  Using a multi jurisdictional certificate covering several states, check the very last state under 'Taxability Info' for errors.
    • Confirm that the transaction was processed after the certificate was entered.
      • Transactions entered before the exemption certificate was created will not update automatically.
      • You will need to edit the transaction and recalculate tax on it.




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