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Why do I receive the error, "User already exists," when trying to add a user to my CertCapture account?


I attempted to add a user to my account and received an error message: "User already exists" - What does this mean?


Avalara CertCapture


  • This means that the user that you are attempting to assign to your account already exists in the system 
    • You only have the ability to create new users
  • If you have multiple accounts within CertCapture, you will need to contact Support, if you would like an existing user added to the second account 
    • Please provide the following information to Support:
      • User ID, User name, User email you created
      • Account name the user was added to
      • Account name(s) you would like the user added to in addition to the first account
      • Companies you would like the user added to
      • User Role you would like assigned