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Why can't I assign a custom user role as the default role for my user?


You have created a custom user role in CertCapture and would like to set this as the default role for a new (or existing) user.




Note: Custom user roles are not available as Default user roles for users but instead must be set as the user role at the company level. The default user role should be one of the standard roles. To assign users, follow the instructions below.

  • Setup the user; make sure the default role is one of our standard roles
  • On the CertCapture toolbar, click Account Settings, and then click Manage Users
  • The Users page shows each of your account's users, including login, name, email, role, and status. You can limit a user's access to specific companies from your Company Hierarchy.
    • To give a user access to specific companies from the hierarchy, click Assign Companies in the Actions column.
  • In the Assign Companies dialog, click the checkbox next to each company you want to assign the user to, and then choose the custom role from the drop-down menu. When finished, click the Update Company Assignments button.