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Why are some forms not fillable online?


When your customer attempts to fill out certain exemption forms online they get a message "You have made a selection that will require a manual submission, you will be redirected to specific instructions. Thank you." and you want to know what to do in CertCapture to ensure all forms are can be filled out online.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Customers can fill out a form online only if the form is active in your Certificate Templates in CertCapture
  • Go to Requests > Certificate Templates and check the box to Activate the form


Note: We recommend activating all forms if you will primarily request customers to fill forms online, so that all possible forms will be available for your customer's use based on their specific exemption need. When you have a form active, it will be included in a certificate request with partially filled forms attached, so this can result in multiple PDF forms in a request for only one exempt reason and region.