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Why are my customers unable to complete and submit their certificates online?


You have created a customer request or campaign to allow your customer(s) to fill out the certificate form online.  When your customer goes to fill out the certificate in CertExpress, they are not able to complete the certificate because it does not give them the option to associate the certificate with a state.




In order for a company to add a certificate via CertExpress, they must have the state requested listed as an exposure zone in their company information.  In the case of a multijurisdictional certificate they must have at least one of the states in their exposure zones.  Make sure the customer has at least one Ship To State added to their company information in CertCapture.

To add a Ship To State:

  • Locate the customer using the Customer Search.
  • Click on the Customer ID to Open the customer information.
  • Click on the Ship To tab
  • Click on the Add Ship To State button.
  • Select a state to add. Then Save.


Once a Ship To state has been added, you should resend the campaign and the customer should be able to complete the certificate for the newly added ship to state.