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Why are certificate requests for only some states being sent in my mailing campaign?


You are creating a mailout campaign certificate request for multiple customers missing certificates and you see that only some of the certificates are set to be sent, and you want to know why.


Avalara CertCapture



  • To send a certificate request to a customer through a campaign for a particular state it must be listed as a ShipTo state on the customer record and also be selected in your company Nexus in CertCapture.
  • When the customer accesses CertExpress to provide certificate information, all ShipTo states will be available for them to provide a certificate, regardless of whether they are selected in Nexus.


Note: We recommend adding a ShipTo state for your customer when a state is within your nexus and you ship sales to the customer there. A certificate would be used to exempt a customer only if a transaction took place in the state where you collect tax.