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Who is the avatrusteduser showing in CertCapture history?


You see that customer records and certificate requests are being sent by a user "avatrusteduser", emailed requests are from the email address, but you do not know who or how those customers and requests are being processed.


Avalara CertCapture


  • This is the user id and email that show when a customer or certificate request are generated from within an accounting system that is connected to Avalara AvaTax and Avalara CertCapture. 
    • When you click on a link in your accounting system that is labelled "Create customer in AVACERT" or "Send to Avalara Cert", etc. (AvaCert, Avalara Certs, or Avalara CertCapture) this tells the accounting system to communicate directly with CertCapture to create a customer record, send a certificate request, etc.
    • You click the button in your accounting system, but the accounting system actually makes the change in CertCapture, so it shows as the generic avatrusteduser instead of your username

Note: That user always uses the "STANDARD_REQUEST" cover letter in requests, to edit the cover letter template used, edit the cover letter "STANDARD_REQUEST" in CertCapture