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Where can I find preformatted certificate templates in CertCapture?


A campaign in CertCapture says you need the "Exemption Certificate" for Resale, but it doesn't have a link to the actual certificate


Avalara CertCapture


The Certificate Library has preformatted Exemption Certificates which you can use to add to the certificate template.

  • In CertCapture, go to Reports > Certificate Library
  • Preformatted certificates are available here to be edited or made available for use.
  • Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.50.05 AM.png
  • If you are sending a single certificate request (Requests > Send Request) and you do not see the certificate template you need
    • Enterprise companies can change the default template by going to Company Content > Exemption Matrix
      • Scroll down to the state in question and find one of the boxes with a green checkmark
      • Click the words "Template"
        • alex.PNG
      • Click the drop-down list for 'Certificate Template' and choose the certificate you would like to use
      • Make sure the certificate you choose is for the same state
      • alex1.PNG​​​​​​​