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Link Admin Console and CertCapture accounts


You want to link your CertCapture and AvaTax accounts so you can exempt your AvaTax customers' transactions from tax.





  1. Sign in to AvaTax.
  2. Click the Organization tab and then select your company. 
  3. Click Exemptions.
    • If you don't see Exemptions or the page doesn't load, you'll need to enable Exemption Certificate Settings.
    • To do enable that, go to Settings > Exemption Certificate Options > Enable Exemption Certificate Management System (ECMS)
    • See Enable ECMS 
  4. Click CertCapture Company Settings
    • Set the Status to Enabled
    • For Client Code, enter your CertCapture Company ID
      • To find your CertCapture Company ID, sign in to CertCapture, go to Company Settings > Company Details and find the Company ID at the top
    • For Org Code, enter your AvaTax ID. 
      • To find your AvaTax ID, click the Company tab. Your ID appears in the address bar. For example: "aspx?id=xxxxxx"
    • Click Save.
  5. If you're a user on your account with Admin permissions to both Admin Console and CertCapture, email Avalara Support at to initiate the sync. In your email, please include the following:

    • Account number of your AvaTax Admin Console

    • Name of the Admin Console company

    • Name of the CertCapture company

    • Specify whether this link is for a Development or Production environment

  6. Avalara Support will contact you with additional details.