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How do I invalidate/revoke a certificate in CertCapture?


You use CertCapture and AvaTax. You want to revoke a customer's certificate in CertCapture and push the change to AvaTax.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Use Certificate Search to locate the certificate in CertCapture
    • If this certificate is blocking a sale, find the specific certificate in AvaTax: 
      • Go to Organization Exemptions > look up the certificate number using the customer ID and state, etc. as needed > Copy the certificate ID (should be numbers)
      • Go to CertCapture and login with the certificate number at the end like
      • Click customer number
      • Click taxability info tab
      • Click the state
  • Click Validation > Edit Certificate Validation > select Invalid Reason (from dropdown) > Update Certificate Validation
  • To push the invalidation to AvaTax, click Queue API Resend
  • Once the API resend is complete the certificate shows as revoked in AvaTax and shows a successful update on the History tab of the certificate
    • Update in AvaTax is complete when History shows API call initiated for certificate: Success.
  • To remove a revocation (re-activate) perform the same actions in reverse, first make your changes and then remove the Invalid Reason