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How do I create Custom User Roles in CertCapture?


I would like to know how to create custom user roles in CertCapture


Avalara CertCapture



  • CertCapture Enterprise admin users have the ability to create custom user roles.  

    • This allows them to create user permissions more tailored to their certificate entry workflow and company specific situations.

  • In your Certcapture Dashboard, locate the Global Admin Menu.  
    • Click on "User Roles".


UserRoles_GLobal Admin.png

  • Click on the "+ Add New User Role"  button.

User Role Add New Users.png


  • You will be prompted to create a Name for your new user role, as well as a Description.  
    • You will also be required to choose a Base Role, to use as a starting template for your custom user role.
      • For non Admin Users, it is recommended to use Standard User as the Base Role, and then add or remove permissions from there.


User Roles Add New user Roles.png

  • You will see a User Roles: YourCustomRoleName, below this you will see several headings to select:
    • Search
    • General Use
    • Customers
    • Certificates
    • Requests 
    • Data Entry

User Role Options 1.PNG

  • Click on each option to show the types of activities that a user can perform under each header.  
    • Select the activities in each header you wish your custom user role to perform, or deselect the activities you wish to prohibit your custom user role from performing.
      • The changes you make to your user are automatically recorded.  
      • You do not need to hit a "save".  
    • This user role will now appear as an option, when assigning a new user their user role.
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