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How do I add a customer to an existing certificate in CertCapture?


If you have accidentally created a certificate but not associated it with a customer, this certificate will be flagged as INVALID.  In order to be valid the certificate must be associated with a customer.  


Avalara CertCapture


  • In order to associate a certificate to a customer:
    • Perform a Certificate Search and locate the certificate.
    • Click on the Certificate ID from the search results page.
    • When the certificate information appears, click on the Customers Tab.
    • Click on the "Link Customer" button.  
    • Enter the customer name or number and select it when they appear.
    • Click on Link Customer.
  • The customer is now linked to the certificate.
    • The certificate will still be invalidated until the invalidation reason is removed from the certificate.
      • In the certificate information click on the Validation Tab.
      • Click on the Edit Certificate Validation button.
      • In the Certificate Invalid Reasons field click on the "X" on the invalidation reason to remove it from the certificate.
      • Click on the Update Certificate Validation button.
  • The Certificate is now valid and should be able to be synced to the Avatax Admin Console, as well.




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